Wooden assembly frames

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In primer coated execution the wooden assembly frames has been treated with a durable water based coating. It can be finished in all desired colours. The wooden door-frame can be easily combined with thresholds, architraves or other profiles from the Ashari assortment.

The wooden assembly frames kits are being assembled during the erection of a wall. Applying a wooden assembly frame kit is choosing for a traditional way of building in which the door-frame is adapted and anchored in the wall.

This wooden assembly frame is being erected and lined up, up front on an unfinished floor. This way of building eliminates the use of building profiles for the open space and enables fixing the door-frame right on to the construction

Wooden door frames



Model :Rebated or Flush
Wood thicknes :56×90/118 mm
Finish :Primer coated, minimum of 60 micrometres
:Standard RAL-9010 (White) .
:Other colours are available on request
Dimensions :Height: 2015/2115 mm
:Width 730/830/880/930 mm
:Other dimensions are available on request
 Models :Single door-frame, double door-frame
:or sliding door-frame